Power BI Insights: Visuals error; Power BI internal adoption; Audit logs; Dual-axis visuals; Copying measures

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Power BI pros share their latest tips on available resource errors with visuals, internal adoption of Power BI, audit logs, dual-axis visuals, and more.

The available resources error with visuals

Chris Webb described a situation in which a report renders slowly and shows an error message that reads “Visual has exceeded the available resources.” Users can click on see details to view a dialogue box that explains more information. Both the dialogue box and Power BI documentation recommend filtering to decrease the amount of data displayed. 

Inefficient DAX calculations often mean that a query gobbles up memory, although limits are higher overall in Premium capacity. One option involves changing the Query Memory Limit to one. But according to Webb, it may simply be more effective to alter DAX calculations so that they consume less memory. Additionally, setting query timeout differently to five seconds means the visual times out after five seconds.

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