CRM System Solution for old school snail mail procedures rather than email

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I don’t know if anyone can point me in the right direction but to give a bit of background knowledge I work for a company that deals mainly with the elderly who generally prefer to receive all correspondence via letter in the post.

We sell products such as stairlifts, electric hoists, powered wheelchairs etc which ideally need annual servicing and maintenance from time to time.

We have a database of clients of around 5000, many of which own these sorts of products, and we would like to send them reminders when their product is due for a service via a letter in the post.

Ideally we would also like the same system to be able to track leads for new enquires, see what their progress is and help to stay on top of them.

Currently we are using AllClients as a CRM and have been for the last year or so. It enables us to send out the letter using a mail merge facility and several custom fields based around the type of product a customer has which then depends on which letter is relevant.

While All Clients works for us to a certain extent it can be a little difficult and has required several work around methods, the limit of 20 custom fields also causes problems.

You can also monitor sales leads using it but we’ve never found the system particularly user friendly or helpful so have not used it.

So ideally we’re looking for a CRM system which can produce service letters better than our current one and also have an easier (simpler) lead tracker.

Having looked into a few briefly a lot seem to be focused on email correspondence or simply can’t do what we want it to do.

Any help is appreciated!

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