{Power 2020–Tip #3} Overview of Preview features in PowerApps

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In this post of Power 2020 blog series blog 3, we will go through the Preview features in PowerApps

Preview Features:

These features are turned on by default.

Delayed Load

By enabling this feature, we can improve our app performance. This means if your app has multiple screens and multiple data sources, your app performance may suffer. So by enabling this feature, you can prevent this issue.


Common Data Service new file and image data types

Once you enable this feature, your app will support image and file datatype from Common Data Service. For this feature work, “Improve data source experience and Common Data Service views” feature must be “On” in your app.


Enable improved data table control selection and Value property

Using this feature, you can improve updated field selection on Data table control in Canvas. By turning on or turning off this feature will not affect your existing data table controls. You can find this setting under the Preview feature section.

When turning on this feature, your Edit fields pane will look like this.


Enable enhanced Microsoft SQL Server connector

This feature added to Active Directory authentication in the SQL Server connector. If you turn on this feature, you will promote to select Authentication type in your app. Then you can choose “Azure AD Integrated” from the drop-down.



Hope it helps and Power 365ing as usual!

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