New features of Visual Studio 2019 – New Search Experience and UI changes

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Visual Studio 2019 comes with a completely revamped, context-sensitive Search experience.

To change the Theme, search for keyword “Theme” and select the appropriate result.

It would open the respective screen, which allows us to quickly make the changes.

Similarly, to change the Font.

Also, observe the option to “Search online for ‘Font’”, which opens the search result in the browser. It appends the “Visual Studio 2019” keyword to the search term.

The search result is also context-sensitive,

For e.g. search results when a search is performed when the context is the file within a project.

The search results when Solution is selected inside Solution Explorer.

Recent results screen

With regards to UI changes, we now have the new Start Page

Clone or check out code lets us open the Git Repository quickly

Create a new project allows, search for the project template and filter it as well

The toolbar changes, top one is 2019 one and the bottom one is Visual Studio 2017. Project Name has moved to the right in the toolbar and it is now 2 rows. Quick Launch is now replaced with the Search box.

Automatic downloading updates.

The above useful changes are surely going to be loved by the technical community who always loved Visual Studio.

Hope it helps..