Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales: 2019 Release Wave 2

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The second wave of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 2019 release will arrive next week, and Dynamics 365 for Sales users have a lot to look forward to! A salesperson’s work is never done, and Microsoft clearly understands that based on the myriad of features they are including in the release.

To help sales professionals achieve more while making their lives easier, Microsoft has focused these features around the following core themes: enhancements that help users focus on relationship cultivation, streamlined and simplified interface, quicker transitions between CRM functions and communications, intelligent insight enhancements, and a higher degree of integration with the Microsoft ecosystem (such as LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams).

Enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

  • Contextual Email Communications
    • Ability to compose emails without navigating away from current screen (via pop-up non-blocking window overlay)
    • Navigation between records and simultaneous active email drafts
  • Simplified signup experience for Sales Professional
    • Quick, easy trial signup with minimum administrative tasks
    • Ability to land in application directly after purchase
    • Guided help for common actions in application
  • Software Dialer
    • Automated communication capture
    • Ability to dial numbers directly from browser
  • Business Card Scan
    • Scanning functionality via mobile or web
    • Automatic updates to relevant fields in associated record
  • Customization of Opportunity Close Dialog Box
    • Capture closes/wins based on strategic sales initiatives
    • Insights into competitor wins and losses
    • Machine-learning models of win probability
  • Enhanced Adding or Editing of Opportunity/Quote/Order/Invoice Products Experience
    • Ability to select a product on any line item and avoid context switching
    • Faster viewing and editing of product properties
    • Additional customizations for price list item entity
  • Simplified sales workflows
    • Enhanced opportunity form user experience
    • Supported re-parenting of products and property addition at product level
    • Document tab visibility in main forms for contacts, opportunities, leads and accounts
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enhancements
    • Ability to compose and send InMail from Dynamics 365 for Sales entities
    • Access to InMail component in org chart feature
    • Synchronization between InMail send and activity timelines
  • Microsoft Teams Integration Enhancements
    • Ability to connect Dynamics 365 records to Teams channels without leaving Dynamics 365
    • Team member recommendations to seller
  • Simplified Lead Management Experience
    • Member suggestion based on users associated with record when connecting a record to a Teams channel
    • SDK for Teams integration feature; any entity type
    • Automatic connection of Dynamics 365 records to selected Teams channel when creating a channel from a record page
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Data Validation
    • Automated updates on contact job changes

For more details on these updates, check out Microsoft’s online release notes or their official PDF.

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