{Quick Notes} Mixed reality and Dynamics 365: A Game changer

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Recently traversed through the Mixed reality upcoming offerings from Dynamics 365 for Mixed reality based scenarios and definitely the next wave of offerings combined with the power of Mixed reality, HoloLens and Dynamics 365 will be a game changer for the industry.

Mixed reality is also referred to as Hybrid reality and basically is merger of the real and virtual worlds to produce an environment where physical and digital objects co-exist.


Microsoft has classified current wave of Mixed reality offerings for Dynamics 365 under 3 apps:

· Dynamics 365 Guide in Preview: This is basically an app for HoloLens in preview which assists in building holographic guides which can be used by employees to get holographic instructions as and when they need them.

· Dynamics 365 Layout: This app lets you project 3-D models to be available to be mapped in the physical world which are merged as holograms. This can be utilized to actually sense the spacing before starting the final layout of the given space.

· Dynamics 365 Remote Assist: This app will be video and calling enabled on a HoloLens and can help an employee or technician in field or site/factory to synchronize with an expert to solve the problem at the location. For example an issue with a machinery in a factory.

Thanks Microsoft to give 3 more reasons to keep us so excited and also to open up new arenas of cutting edge solutions to be delivered to the customers.

Note: This blog is based on pre-release documentation and information is subject to change based on release from Microsoft.

Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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