Scribe Online: Working with Lookup block – Dynamics 365 CE

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Let us continue with our previous post in which we created a solution to pull data from SQL On-Premise and create lead records in Dynamics 365.

Let us create a new table which will be our source here.

Table Name – Transaction

2 columns – ID and Brand.

Transaction and Brand have n -1 relationship i.e. Transaction record have a Brand lookup field in it.

The brand value will be used for two things here.

  • We’d set the Brand lookup field based on its text.
  • The brand record has another lookup field for the team, whose value we will pick and set it as owner for the current transaction record.

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Create a new solution and add a new integration map to it and add the SQL On-Premise Connection and CRM Connection to it and add the Query Block (SQL), For Each Result, Lookup and Create (CRM) to it as shown below.

Now let us set the properties for each of the blocks.

For Query Block, we have selected Transaction Table as Entity

For Lookup Block,

First, we have selected our custom entity Brand.

We want Brand Id and Fashion Team Brand lookup’s GUID from the Brand entity based on Brand name from our source transaction table.

For lookup criteria of Lookup Block select the Brand value of the Transaction source à

For Field List, we have selected Team GUID field and Brand GUID which will be used for creating the transaction record.

Now for the Create block.

We have selected the custom transaction header entity

For Fields, we have mapped Brand Id lookup field of Transaction Header with Brand GUID retrieved from Lookup.

And Owner Id field with Brand Team’s GUID and for OwnerIdType we have passed “Team” as a string value.

Now on running the integration, we can see 2 rows of the table processed.

Within CRM

We can see the Brand lookup set and also owner set to the team of the particular brand.

To see how to implement the same using KingswaySoft Dynamics 365 Integration Toolkit refer the below post

Hope it helps..