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Sapna’s Yoga Diary

Are you planning for new year resolution and thinking on how you can make 2019 a “happy year”? It all begins and ends with ‘YOU’ so, see how you can improve on your weaknesses, your relationships, and most importantly your “Health and wellbeing”. Make your resolution to create a better version of “You”. Following are a few things which will help you gain the maximum this year, take a look:

  • Show Gratitude: All begins from here, remember all the good times of the year and be thankful you got to witness such moments. You don’t remember every moment, the ones you do are really special, so say it aloud, “THANK YOU”!

  • The act of Giving: This is what I learned from my husband and the popular author Deepak Chopra. This year plan to give more, in fact, whenever you meet anyone, give that person something, it could be a…

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