{Quick Tip} 5 tips for Business analysts or Functional consultants in Dynamics 365

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This is a post which has been sitting in the docks for a while as I never quite ended up summarizing and documenting it well. Here are 5 tips for Business analysts or Functional consultants in Dynamics 365, based on my experiences with the product and whenever I need to have a Business analyst hat on:

Have a solid foundation

It is very important for a D365 BA to have solid functional understanding of CRM as a methodology, concept or practice which is used to run a customer’s business. Apart from that idea about Customization, configuration and high level understanding of where technical components such as JavaScript, plugins, workflows, Integrations such as Flow, reporting needs such as POWER BI will be required are good information to have for a BA. Often, technical bits and high level understanding is what BA tend to miss but they can always take assistance of the technical leads, architects and consultants.


Constantly Grow Your Skills

In Dynamics 365, there are multiple ways of solving a customer problem. A good BA is never content of solving the same problem in the same way each time. For example, as Dynamics 365 platform evolves, a BA is also in constant lookout to solve the customer problem with some new features or options that have come up in the Dynamics 365 platform. A Good BA knows what is the right choice to apply as per the latest version of the product than to be dependent on a choice which existed few years back in the product.


Being divisive and creative

A good BA should never be stuck up because of lack of resources or knowledge constraints. On an evolving and rapidly changing platform as Dynamics 365, there will be times when one may face a constraint about a particular component, feature or product that is required to be used in the solution for the customer. A skilled BA will quickly try to take assistance from right sources – may it be reading blogs, content to the right folks who can help out.


Owning the Solution and Implementation

Skilled BA always start forming the ownership around the solution and implementation they are presenting to the customer. After resolving the conflicts and problems for the customer, a talented BA will start having the ownership for the solution and implementation. Over time, becomes a strategist for the direction of the customer and develops trust.


Being great at providing Clarity

A Good BA on Dynamics 365 will be really good at providing clarity to the customers on the direction of a particular module, solution and what they are trying to achieve using Dynamics 365. It would also mean providing clear documentation in terms of Requirements as well as various checklist and taking confirmations from the customer at the right stages and milestones of the implementation.

Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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