{Advanced Customization Tip} Disable Advanced find for Non Admin users in Dynamics 365

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Requirement: In one of the recent queries that came across to me, Advanced find needed to be disabled for all the users in the Dynamics 365 except for System Administrator.

Solution: There are multiple possible solution one may think and apply. The best practice will be to try to convince the customer against such a customization and utilize Read privileges for restricting access to entities as needed on the basis of Security roles. However, if still there is client requirement like this we can achieve it as below:

1. Add Application ribbon under Client extensions in a solution and then open this solution in XRMToolbox, Ribbon Work bench 2016:


2. Add results_16 and results_32 png images as web resources and keep them ready as follows in the solution:


3. Add a new button into the application ribbon and give it label as Result and under command put the command name for Out of box Results button. Under Image 16 and Image 32 put the web resources created in Step 2.


4. Hide the out of box ribbon button for Results.

5. Add a display rule – where permission is only available to Admin and not for other security roles as per your requirement and hit Publish. .

Note: Keep out of box button as is for Results, as it is not good idea to customize this buttons and may need to be required from Product upgrade perspective.

Lets see this in action now:

For Admin:


For Non-Admin:


Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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