{Zero code Solution} Bulk assignment of Business Unit to users on demand in Dynamics 365

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Requirement: Bulk assignment of Business unit to multiple users on demand is required in case of Dynamics 365 administration requirements based on some fields on User entity.


In case your requirement is just to bulk update Business Units, Change Business Unit button can handle it on Users grid:

In this solution, we are not going through condition based BU assignment but similar can be achieved by changing the simple workflow demonstrated in this solution. However, this approach can be used when more complex BU assignments are required

Create an on-demand real time workflow to solve this need without the need of code.

1. Navigate to Settings-> Processes and Create New Process. Select entity as User and category as Workflow:


2. Set Scope to Organisation and select Check box for as an on-demand process. Add an step for Update User as below:


3. Click on Set Properties and Select Business Unit. In this example, Marketing Business unit is selected and put up:


4. Save and Activate the workflow. Next navigate to Settings->Users and select the intended users. Then, Select Run workflow. Notice that current Business Unit for Alan Jackson is set to Service:


5. Select the workflow for Update BU and select ADD:


6. Next pop-up will come to apply the workflow. Click OK:


Result: Alan Jackson’s BU will be updated to Marketing.

Note: In similar way with combination of right view filters and workflow conditions, automatic bulk assignment of BU can be handled.

There are other ways also to achieve the solution required and suggestions from your experiences are welcome in the comments section 🙂

Hope it helps and happy 365ing!

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