{CRM 2016 Tips} Programmability model in Dynamics CRM 2016

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{CRM 2016 Tips} Programmability scenarios in Dynamics CRM 2016

My other posts on CRM 2016 are concentrated on feature related aspects on Dynamics CRM. This one is more concentrated on the technical architecture side of the house. If you are functional professional on CRM, I have still tried to explain in very non-technical fashion the new capabilities of the framework which can help you in your Sales pitch.

CRM 2016 has introduced not only great integrations and features but additions to the way you can connect with your CRM application.

Below diagram referred from MSDN tells about the layering of different offering available with Dynamics CRM 2016.


Major Components are described below:

· Extending on Server: Extending on server is possible via .net assemblies for Plugins and Workflows. An example of such automation is when some emails have to be sent to all members of a team when an Opportunity is won. To implement this, we can extend the Dynamics CRM functionality by the use of Plugins or workflows. SDK assemblies are available which can let you generate code which can achieve this nature of Business process automations.

· .Net Client : In case you want to develop some .net application to connect to Dynamics CRM and achieve some other desktop applications for instance developed on WPF, etc. you can extend using .Net Client features either by using XRM.Tooling or SDK assembly provided with SDK.

· Web API: The Web API was introduced with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 and it provides a development experience that can be used across a wide variety of programming languages, platforms, and devices. The Web API implements the OData (Open Data Protocol) v4. OData is an OASIS standard for building and consuming RESTfulAPIs over rich data sources.

· Extending in Application: This can be achieved to extend client side features, validations etc by using Web Resources, Form scripting and Ribbon commands in javascript/etc.

I will also cover CRM 2016 features in a Video cast. It is totally free! You can read more here: https://dynamicsofdynamicscrm.wordpress.com/2015/12/18/microsoft-dynamics-crm-2016-capabilities-videocast/

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!