{Quick Tip} IT is all going to be a CRM cloud world!

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I have been out of action for few weeks but getting back to the same writing streak required me to think on a

very interesting article. As i finished it, I want to give a quick run down on it.


  • Are you a CRM developer having reluctance to do CRM online projects?
  • Have you been so closely involved with CRM On-premise world that you have forgotten to look at how far ahead CRM online has moved in the last year?
  • Have you heard the news that every 2 out of 3 new CRM customers is going to the cloud?
  • Do you know about the recent price increases in CRM on premise and the bridge between CRM online and CRM Premise prices is minimized as we talk through this?
  • Do you know if it was to be an all cloud CRM world – there will be no category of CRM Upgrade projects – hours of writing and changing the scripts to suit the new version- as it will mostly be managed via automatic updates?

Anyways the main question at hand here is that in last few year CRM online clients have really increased in number.

So, it is time to start thinking about online implementations because in the future majority of the

projects will be done in it only.

CRM online has majority of changes with the way you design through a CRM system –

I have only realized it when I have been doing some implementations.

It is a further lock down from the CRM on premise systems. It reminds me of the stringent ways I felt

to design in CRM from the open design principles of .net when I moved from being a .net guy to a CRM early in my career.

It is perfectly ok to fill some more stringency but it is just another way of doing things in our favourite product.

So, if you have not thought of ramping up yourself on the CRM online

platform implementations as a company or developer, time is now.

You need to start doing it now to be ready for present (2 on 3 orgs) and future.

Hope it helps and Happy CRMing!