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British Airways uses CRM to automate its customer communications and campaigns. The airline’s objective was to increase customer loyalty. To do so, BA launched a loyalty campaign called Executive Club. And running the campaign by following the best CRM data management practices, BA was able to increase the volume of requests by up to 150%.

📊By definition, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and it encompasses all the techniques and technologies used by a business for acquiring and retaining customers.

By pooling data from multiple channels, your CRM can fetch detailed information on your customers’ entire purchase history, behaviour patterns, and personal information.

Data management would help your business optimize the use of data within the bounds of policy and regulation. This, in turn, would help you make robust decisions and take actions to maximize the benefit of your data.

CRM + Data Management = CRM Data Management

Following this simple checklist can ensure you're not making the same mistakes that say Shutterfly did when they sent out "New Parent" promotions to non-parents, bewildered by what just happened.

Best Practices:

1. Avoid Incomplete Contact Records

While you might be tempted to collect and gather as much customer or lead information as possible, refrain from doing so.

2. Automate Data Entry

Adam Draper, the VP of Sales, Introhive says, “How do we enable our salespeople without wasting their time? The answer: Automation and ensuring that the technology our salespeople use fits within their current workflow, process, or toolkits”.

3. Enrich Lead Data

Take the time to remove fake data, add missing data, and correct false data.

4. Follow Naming Conventions

With a standard naming convention for your CRM system, you can overcome the hassle of botched name entries.

5. Manage Duplicate Records

Perform regular data audits and weed out your duplicates. This otherwise can lower the probability of conversion.

6. Validate Your Data

Make data validation a standard process, then you won’t have to carry the headache of invalid data in your CRM. Use validation, captcha, the works.

7. Ensure Data Protection and Data Security

Data breach.
You don’t ever want to become its victim and thus endanger the information of all your contacts. So, keep data security a top priority when it comes to your CRM data management.

8. Import Only Essential Data While Importing Contacts

Let’s assume you have bought lead information, or maybe you happen to transform a list of leads from CRM X to CRM Y.Prioritize only core data to avoid mix ups.

9. Keep the Right Format

Check if your exported file is in line with the requirements of your new system’s data import process. Typically, this refers to the exact match of column headers and the data below. If you fail to ensure this alignment, you’ll see lots of errors and wouldn’t be able to transfer the data into your new system.

10. Have a Data Recovery Strategy

Accidents are bound to happen. So, you must have some sort of disaster recovery strategy in place. If you lose your customer data, it can detrimentally affect your automation, marketing campaigns and sales strategies.

11. Visualize Your Data

Well, research proves that 90% of the information that’s transmitted to your brain is visual. Also, folks who make directions with illustrations succeed 323% more than those who follow text-only instructions.

12. Do Away with Unresponsive Contacts

As with duplicate contacts, thinning out your unresponsive leads will make your sales efforts more efficient and effective.

13. Track Your Lead Sources

Where are your leads coming from? Paid efforts? Search?

14. Train Your Team

It’s always best to have your team trained. Where necessary, get onto 1:1 user sessions. This way, even when your team faces some hassle or the other with CRM data management, it could all be sorted out.
My team has detailed best CRM Data Management practices for marketers to refer and maintain their lead generating workhorse, cheers if it helped!💻

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