Enriching initial contact data for my new CRM

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Hey everyone! I'm FINALLY implementing a CRM (Copper) for my boutique agency and am trying to clean up the data from my initial contact list.

Problem: I have an initial list of 700 emails but the accompanying contact info (Name, Company, Job Title, Company Size, Industry, etc) isn't well kept and I don't want to manually update all of this information.

I believe I can upload this CSV of email addresses to a tool that will automatically populate all of the above fields based on the tool's database. (I've been calling this data enrichment, please correct me if this is the wrong term)

I am trying to do this in Hunter.io but struggling to figure out how to update the data points after uploading my email addresses.

1) What is the best tool to solve this issue? (a solution that is effective and affordable)
2) Where do I need to go within this tool to update the data points for each email address?


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