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Hi there,

After almost 100 tabs open researching and signing up for free trials for a CRM solution, I am at my wits end. My company has an extremely unique business model and just as unique sales cycle. I am looking for something in which I can customize the sales cycle with my own terminology.

In a rough sense, a customer pays us for an online professional service, fills out a payment form, and we complete the service.

Our needs listed in priority:

1.) Need to ditch the Google sheets and have an all in one platform that can track leads, support requests, and have a searchable database with custom properties. Most CRM's have sales cycle terminology that is completely useless to us

2.) Need to be able to send emails. For example, when a lead becomes a paid customer based off a specific tag, boom an email is sent. I was visualizing maybe check boxes in every contact dashboard. So if we've completed a service for a client and I tick box the "completed" box, they'll get a "your service is completed" email.

3.) Our clients contact us by email, whatsapp, SMS, Instagram and Facebook. We have replied to over 500k text messages BY HAND in the past decade. This isn't necessary but would love to have an all in one solution. I understand with SMS capability things get expensive, so I can leave this out, but would be nice.

Any ideas? Or should I continue using google sheets and zapier and typeform and mailchimp

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