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Hi all,

Need a fairly simple CRM system – problem is i don't sell anything, and everything i find is build for selling.

Let's say i buy used cars from people. They fill out a form on my website, and currently this just lands in my gmail. However, i'm getting +2000 offers a year and need more organisation.

What i need is that when people submit a form via my website, i must first of recieve a notification on phone/email/whatever. I must have a clear oveview of new and old messages in the "dashboard" so i can easily see what leads i have and need to respond to. When i then respond to a lead, it should be marked somehow so i can see it has been answered. If the lead replies back, the same convo must open and must of course not be labeled/marked as answered anymore. I also need would like to be able to mark a convo so that if no reply within X days, it sends out a prewritten email "reminder". Also another function so if i've made a deal with someone, i can mark that convo and it will send a "please rate me" email after X days. And at last i of course need to be able to see the info/pictures the sellers are sending via my form on the website.

So in short, need clear overview of new/incomming leads, what have and have not been responded to. Automatic scheduled email if marked. My website is in WordPress if that matters.

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