Used XTime at last dealership, (service department-scheduling) interview at new dealership that uses CKM ELeads..

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Worked in the BDC scheduling appts for service answering inbound calls.. they used cox systems, xtime in particular and customers could actually schedule their own appts online.. there were some issues of course but over all xtime did what it was supposed to do.. I’ve got an interview at a new dealership and so when I went to their website to peruse and check out what they use (low key hoping for xtime since I already know how to use it therefore training would be a breeze) but when I attempted to schedule a dummy appt the website would not cooperate via mobile nor desktop version and I noticed the scheduling software is called “ckm eleads” Does anyone have experience with both programs that could shed some light on the similarities pros and cons and honest reviews!? Thx!

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