Explore new options of ‘Copy link’ and ‘Manage Access’ to share individual CRM records in a jiffy!

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In this blog, we are engaging with two new options introduced within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, “Copy Link” and “Manage Access“. Before these options were introduced, we needed to manually copy the link and share it with the required CRM user. Similarly, to give access to a particular CRM record, we needed to share that particular record with a CRM user who had the minimum basic user-level privilege.

Now, with the “Copy link” And “Manage Access” introduced in Microsoft CRM Dynamics 365, you can easily share and give access to records.

The options are highlighted in the screenshot below: –

1. Copy Link: -Using this, you can share the link of the CRM record with the required CRM user

After selecting “Copy Link“, you will be able to see the following window. Here, the link to the CRM record can be copied.

You will also be able to see the other option as shown in the image below-

As per your requirement, you can select it and click on “Apply“. The link will be accessible only to specific users or to those with the same access level as the users.

2. Manage access: – Here, you can easily give access to a CRM record to another user.

When the user selects the “Manage access” option, the below window will appear-

Here you can select a CRM user or Team. After selecting the user/team you will see the permissions as shown in the following image. The owner of the record can assign these permissions to the respective user/team to further perform actions on the records.

Click on the “Share” button to share the record with the respective user.

Note: –

“To share the link or to give access to a particular record to a specific user, one needs to have at least the Basic-User-Level privilege for that Entity.”