CRM Recommendations with Gmail Integration for a Small Business/Solopreneur?

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Hi all!

I run an audio/music mastering business by myself and am looking into various CRMs to try and help organize my outreach and sales funnel process into one streamlined process. Because my business is volume-based and fairly simple in nature (I offer very few services and don't have any inventory), I need something that will be quick to integrate, quick to manage, and largely automatable (since it will have to be repeated many times).

My funnel and lead generation process basically gets broken down into two paths:

  1. I cold/warm outreach via Gmail/social media DM.
  2. Client fills out form on my website, which comes into Gmail.

The ideal scenario would be for either option to come into my Gmail and easily pass into a CRM software, one where I could log the customer's contact info (automatically imported would be even better). From there, if it's cold/warm outreach, I could automatically set up tasks/reminders for me to follow-up if I haven't heard back. If it's via the form, then their contact info would already be in the CRM so then I could hopefully automate that information into a project manager such as Trello, and their contact info into my invoicing platform, which is Wave.

That basically covers it. Simpler is definitely preferred for me since I really don't need all that much. I've already started experimenting with Capsule and Hubspot and each of them gets part of the way there but I don't know yet if either will truly work.

Any advice on how to proceed with a setup like this or if it's even possible without a ton of overhead/management?

Thank you so much!

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