Hi Friends! Considering Monday.com’s CRM for sales. Because of other complex reasons, I’m expecting this to be a temporary solution for a portion of my business, and possibly permanent for another portion. Seeking guidance, help please!

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I operate a brewery. We need a CRM for outside sales (eg, salesperson tracking new leads, making notes on visits for existing accounts, etc. This portion of my need is actually really simple, and highly-likely to be temporary in nature (my big-dollar ERP is launching a HubSpot integration in 4-6 months). Anyhow, in the interim we're dying and I need something to track basic sales stuff for 3 reps and about 300 active accounts.

The second portion of need is for event sales. We have a vast event space and we do a lot of private events. I need a place for leads to come in, be tracked via email, centralized notes, contract storage, etc etc. This is a portion of the biz where Monday.com could be a permanent solution.

We already use Monday for basic product planning (the timeline view is clutch), and that's what's prompting me to consider it for the CRM function. Are you using Monday's CRM? If so, how is it working out? Or, if you have another suggestion, I'm all ears!

Thank you!

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