Tips for building sales org for small team from scratch?

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I just started a sales leadership role at a company a month ago. We manufacture and sell safety products to industrial and medical distributors. It’s an older company and they store their data in a bunch of different excel sheets with zero organization. There are 2 current sales people who brought in a no name CRM about a year ago but they just dumped all their data in and it is a mess with very little useable information and not tied to actual sales data.

For reasons it looks like those two sales people will not be part of our sales team in the near future and we will be bringing in 4 new people to cover the country with me leading them. So only 5 of us total.

Since no one will be tied to the current CRM which is a mess and I don’t think it’s scalable to keep running off of various excels scattered in the system. I am thinking my best bet is to start from scratch with this new team.

I am looking for advice on the best way/ programs to build this out in a cost and time effective way. Tech savvy but don’t want to take too much of my time up on setup/admin work and not selling. I am not going to be getting a huge implementation budget approved since these are older owners in an older industry so tech is not a main focus. I started using to find leads and track my emails but not tied to it. Also coming from a large company with thousands of salespeople and in house built sales software so not tied to a particular CRM or other option.

Any tips on how to do this for such a small team to set everyone up for success? I don’t want to bring these people in and not have the foundation set for success.

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