Best SMB healthcare sales focused CRM / sales tech stack?

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I am looking for a good sales focused CRM for high deal value healthcare facility (Rehab).

Considering Pipedrive and Close so far (which do you think is better?)

Doesnt need to be healthcare specific just a good SMB CRM for the sales team dealing with $12k plus deals with a lot of sales activity with prospects so features to help save time automate a lot of stuff, helpful tagging analysis etc. Also looking to integrate with outbound call platform like Justcall to automate and monitor record, transcribe outgoing calls automatically etc

Already have a marketing automation platform so looking for the best SMB CRM for sales teams specifically. Its B2C but large deals and longer sales cycles

Any recommended stack for incoming call tracking (looking at CTM, whatconverts), outgoing call management/transcription (with app, justcall, dailpad) and great sales CRM for small team, 4 people?

Im marketing not sales but trying to help out our sales team with a good stack who arent tech savvy and need something affordable, simple initially but powerfully flexible down the road. I want all the things. Cheers

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