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Hi guys, new here. Recently started at a company who are looking to transition into a modern CRM, they still use paperwork for all works and want to get to employees completing works on PDAs.

The CRM currently in use isn't up to scratch. It's an oil recovery company, so looking for a CRM that allows jobs to be booked onto the system, those jobs to be sent to the teams out on the road to their PDAs, and once completed, we can view the teams completed works from our CRM. So booking and scheduling primarily. CRM will probably need around a dozen accounts, and PDA users on the road will be around 10-30 teams.

The more features the better of course, such as accounting and invoicing, ability to generate reports, etc. Any help is appreciated, I've never been tasked with looking for a new CRM before, every company I've joined has had a pretty decent one already set up.

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