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Hello! Short-ish version: I'm looking for a secure document upload and sharing portal that lets me track sequential correspondence with clients (e.g., document signoff) and update them on project status. Time-tracking is a plus but not required. I want all clients to have some sort of profile, and each profile to have a breakdown into multiple projects. Clients must be able to log into their portal and view the status of any projects, respond to my messages in the portal, and sign off on deliverables.

Long version: I've spent the past couple hours looking for what I now think is a CRM, but could also be project management, and I'm not sure how to tease apart the available options. I run a small security advisory consultancy. I'm looking to minimize discussion of projects (both prospective and ongoing) in email. The features I'm most seeking are:

  • A database that includes contact information for one or more individuals at a given organization, as well as options for communicating (both marketing emails and project emails) — this sounds like a "CRM" feature to me.
  • A list of the projects by client and an overview of the status of those projects (time spent so far, deadlines, whether inquiries are waiting, etc.). This sounds more like a project management solution.
  • A way for clients to receive, review, and sign off on deliverables, which will generally be reports or writeups. Clients must be able to upload documents to their associated projects.

I don't care about mass marketing of emails, the overall sales process, funnels, and so on. I expect most business to be word-of-mouth, not cold-calling or cold-emailing. I don't expect to spend much time on the phone, so integrations with tools like Dialpad aren't a selling point for me.

Thanks for any input!

Edit: Thanks to everyone for their recommendations. There's a lot to explore. I really appreciate the input.

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