Looking for a simple CRM Solution

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I own an Ebike Store. I sell Ebikes.

In recent months its become an Ebike Repair store. Everyone is buying online, it breaks and the next thing I know I am getting loads and loads of people visiting the store with their broken ebike.

First, it was 1 a day, now it's about 5 a day. I am not prepared for it. The biggest hassle is phoning the customer to say the bike is ready, They can take weeks. I now have 3/4 of my store (112 bikes) waiting to be collected by their owners, who could not give a damn.

I was hoping there is a CRM solution. Something so simple.

All I need is this.

Step 1. The customer comes in, leaves details

Step 2. Details are sent to the service department

Step 3. Bike is repaired

Step 4. Email or Whatsapp to the customer to say Bike us ready – collect now

Step 5. If 2 days have passed and the bike has not been collected another email is sent.

Is anyone able to help me guys – or point me in the right direction?

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