CRM of best fit: Searching for the Optimal CRM Platform

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Hey guys,

Currently having capability kick off calls with CRM vendors to try and choose the best CRM platform for our company (currently going through some growth pains due to lack of CRM). The Salesforce rep that we talked to recently said that the build we would want would be a total "custom job" and there are limitations on what Salesforce can do based on the requirements we listed.

We have a unique case where we use/anonymize PIIs and match with potential customers and run marketing campaigns on behalf of them using audience targeting through different platforms, and one of the functionalities we are looking for within a CRM platform is to one: use CRM tool to track relationships with customers, and two: Also be able to query within said platform the PII list, update these matched lists under the client's records and push these lists to marketing platforms that would use said info to market to the people/ businesses.

We currently have a system like this in place but it exists as separate processes using multiple different servers, cloud services, bespoke UIs that allow us to do this, but it is extremely unscalable and needs an overhaul for the company to grow (reactive vs proactive mindset).

Does anyone know of platforms that may be able to accomplish this or know of how I could utilize salesforce to fit these business needs?

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