How to set up a cloud PC with Microsoft Windows 365 Business?

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Microsoft’s Windows 365 Cloud PC solution if you’re reading this blog Setting up your Cloud PC is a simple process.

There are two options available. Windows 365 Business and Enterprise are two different versions of Windows 365. The first alternative is easier to deploy, and I’ll focus on Windows 365 for Business in this content-piece.

Windows 365 Business is a version of Windows 365 that is tailored to the needs of small enterprises (up to 300 seats). It allows businesses to provide Cloud PCs to their users in a simple and streamlined manner.

You can stream your data, content, apps, settings, and storage from the Microsoft cloud with Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

When someone could benefit from a Cloud PC, consider the following scenario: You or your customer have a temporary employee who does not want to acquire a device. You can easily set up a Cloud PC for them and give them access from any BYOD device.

What are the prerequisites for learning how to use Windows 365 Business and Cloud PCs?

  • Ascertain that users’ devices can connect to Azure AD.
  • A Microsoft 365 license is required for Windows 365 Business users. 
  • You must obtain a Windows 365 Business license and assign it to a user (let’s say Microsoft 365 Business Standard or Premium).

Now let’s learn about Windows 365 Business Setup.

How do I get into my virtual PC?

To access your Virtual PC, simply open your online browser and type into the address bar. Login with your credentials!

  1. You should receive a welcome screen the first time you log in – see below.
  2. Simply press the Next, Next, Next buttons to begin. Hello, and welcome to your Cloud PC.
  3. If the notice, Setting-up Cloud PC appears, it indicates that your virtual PC is still being provisioned. Please wait a little longer.
  4. The Open in browser button should appear once the Cloud PC has been deployed; along with the message Cloud PC is ready. From the drop-down menu, choose Open in Browser.
  5. Before you connect, you’ll have the ability to select which resources you wish to be available from your computer after clicking Open in browser. There’s a printer, a microphone, and a clipboard. Then you click Connect, and you’ll be prompted to re-authenticate before being logged into your desktop.
  6. This is how it appears, similar to how you would log in to your computer.

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Note: If you receive an error while provisioning, please double-check your MDM settings. You may see an error if you have MDM set to all and your user does not have an Intune license.

Once the desktop screen has been deployed, you should be able to see it.

Note: Keep in mind that your user in Windows 365 Business Cloud PC is a local Administrator.

While using your Cloud PC through a web browser is easy, it does have certain limitations. You can also read more about Microsoft cloud in this post.

You can find a list of applications that you can use to access Cloud PC by clicking on the download icon (left side). If you have a Windows phone or tablet, an Android phone or tablet, and Apple (iOS) device such as an iPad or iPhone, or a Mac laptop then:

It’s a relatively straightforward process. You log in using your credentials after downloading the program (client).

Let’s have a look at it. Let’s have a look at how it’s done on a Mac in this example.

To download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac, go to this page. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop in the Mac App Store or your App Store. It’s free to download and use.

1. Return to Microsoft Remote Desktop apps and select Get subscription URL after opening Microsoft Remote Desktop.

2. Return to the Microsoft Remote Desktop software and select the Workspace tab, then Add Workspace.

Paste the subscription URL into the box and click Add. Now you must enter your credentials.

You should see your Cloud PC if everything went correctly. To connect, double-click the Cloud PC.

That’s how you set up your Cloud PC

Is it feasible for a user to change the settings on this machine?

The Windows 365 web interface makes it simple for end-users to perform maintenance on cloud PCs.

Currently, the following options are available:

Restart. The Cloud PC is restarted.

Rename. The name of the Cloud PC displayed to the user on is changed.

Reset. Reset does the following actions:

  • Windows is reinstalled
  • Your files are deleted (OneDrive data remains)
  • Removes any settings modifications you’ve made
  • Removes all of your installed programs

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