Improved Quoting Process with Dynamics 365 Custom Pricing Tool

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Discover how JourneyTEAM developers helped a medical organization improve their quoting process using the Dynamics 365 Pricing Tool.

A medical company that sells disposable medical devices was struggling with an inconsistent, unprofessional quoting process. Most company reps were writing and sending product quotes with little to no guidance on how to set up prices or provide discounts. In fact, most reps sent product quotes in an email with formats varying from rep to rep. 

In addition to inconsistent formatting, many employees were providing clients with inaccurate quotes or discounts that were too low. Managers then had to pull the quote back which caused the company to miss out on potential profits. Customers were also frustrated with the lack of consistency and ambiguity surrounding product prices.

Improving Consistency with D365

JourneyTEAM developers utilized the Dynamics 365 Pricing Tool to create an application that automated the entire quoting process. The application starts by generating a quote based on a specific opportunity. Reps can enter the specific products potential clients are interested in and the system provides a target price for each one. A report is then created with an accurate representation of what clients can expect to pay.

To ensure accuracy, all reports are automatically sent to company managers. The application utilizes the Azure AD hierarchy for each sales rep, so the report continues up the chain of command until it reaches the appropriate manager. Higher-ups can either approve the quote or send it back to reps for further changes.

Company Bolsters Professionalism and Client Satisfaction 

Now, company sales reps are able to deliver clean, professional, and consistent reports to clients with accurate prices and discounts. This has helped the company reduce errors, improve customer satisfaction, and increase sales opportunities. View our custom application in action by watching this on-demand video.

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