What is Email Marketing? Strategy, Tools and Examples (2022)

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What is Email Marketing? Strategy, Tools and Examples (2022)

Email marketing works the same way newsletters do. It is the process of sending commercial emails to the contact list who have agreed to receive product updates and other such important information through email communication. Email marketing is a wonderful tool when it comes to building a strong client base for your brand. The emails sent with the purpose of marketing your products are not like your typical cold emails. It is important to have personalized emails which focus on the individual needs of your clients. Email marketing is widely used across businesses to promote their services and products while nurturing relationships with potential customers.

One big reason why email campaign is so popular is the ease of its implementation. It allows businesses to focus on a particular group of clients or individual customers and pitch them just the right products and services that suit their needs. One typical example to understand this is- a lot of restaurants send personalized emails to their customers on their birthday offering them lucrative discounts. The fact these emails are personalized makes the customer feel special and increases customer loyalty. Instead of randomly sending emails to customers, it is important to chalk out a proper strategy for your email marketing campaign.

How to Start Email Marketing: What are the Tools Required?

It is extremely easy to deploy email marketing. Businesses need only two major tools to run an email marketing campaign in a successful manner.

  • Email Marketing Software: A good reputation among customers is important for your brand. This is when a dedicated email marketing provider plays its part to be able to send marketing emails to the customers.
  • Create a Contact List: It is extremely crucial to ensure that the customers signed up to receive emails. The simplest way to ensure this is to create an email signup form on your website, social media, blog, etc. Permission-based marketing not only helps in establishing trust among potential clients but also helps to maintain the integrity of the brand.

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