Artificial Intelligence Career Guide: A Comprehensive Playbook to Becoming an AI Expert

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About the Career Guide

The term AI was coined back in 1956, and has come a long way from there, and has become more popular today. Cheers to all the massive amounts of data, advanced algorithms, and improvements in computing capability and storage. The growth of AI and Machine Learning has increased the demand for talented minds to help solve pressing business challenges faster and better. AI job market is booming and is expected to exceed $191 billion by 2024 globally, and AI is expected to create more than 2 million jobs across sectors. With attractive salaries, investing in upskilling oneself in the field, and understanding just the right AI learning path is surely the smart move to make.

Table of Contents

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) OverviewThis section provides a general overview and gives a brief introduction to the field of AI.
  • AI Industry UpdateThe field of AI and related technologies are drastically changing the way business is done across all industry sectors. AI is the hottest buzzword in tech today, and all the major enterprises are using it to improve business. And this section explains how AI is gradually bringing about transformational changes and faster processes across sectors, ranging from the real-estate to ecommerce.
  • Hottest Opportunities in AIThis section of the career guide includes top job roles in the field of AI as well as the most in-demand job role, that is, AI engineer, and the skills needed to become one. From a birds-eye-view, an AI Engineer develops, manages, and owns AI initiatives within an organization. But is that it? Download the guide to know the day-to-day challenges and responsibilities of an AI engineer.
  • AI Learning PathThis section of the career guide provides a detailed roadmap (including tools and skills) needed to become an AI engineer. On the other hand, this section also mentions all the top companies that are hiring machine learning pros ranging from Google to Intel, and a personalized AI learning path to reach your dream organization.

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