Tessitura vs PatronManager Pros and Cons

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Our nonprofit theatre is in the midst of major technology overhaul. Coming out of the pandemic, we've hired a younger, more tech savvy staff, which is great. We're dragging everything into the 21st century.

We've been a Tessitura org for a long time, so there is some serious institutional knowledge there. However, we've also been part of a consortium and have been limited in how we access our data and what we can do with integrations in new tools like ticket scanners. We're in the process of becoming self-hosted, which will likely solve many of these issues. However, some of our staff have gotten the idea to just make a hard switch to PatronManager instead of going through the process of leaving a consortium. I'm very skeptical of this, but as one of the key decision makers in this process, I do want to hear them out and do the due diligence research into the differences.

I don't know of any major functionality differences between Tessitura and PatronManager that would make me choose one over the other, other than PM having a slightly more open API for custom integrations. To the best of my knowledge though, Tessitura has a more robust donor tracking and plan interface and slightly more robust reporting.

My biggest fear is that PM is built on the SalesForce environment, which has a far more agile development process than Tessitura. Since our website is fully integrated into our ticketing side of Tess, I'm afraid the more rapid updates would potentially break things, and we don't have the inhouse knowledge/time to be fixing integrations all the time.

Does anyone have experience with both platforms?

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