No-Code AI: The Game Changer for Application Development

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While every business today needs the capabilities to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to withstand the speed of change and disruption, not every business is able to act on that opportunity. Data science talent shortages and high costs are huge barriers between organizations and AI-driven innovation, especially small and mid-size companies that typically don’t have the resources to deploy powerful technologies like AI and machine learning (ML). 

However, no-code AI is emerging as a solution to help propel AI adoption forward. By making application development more simple, fast, accessible, and affordable, no-code AI levels the AI playing field for organizations of all shapes and sizes. No-code AI enables organizations to build AI and ML models without the need for costly, specialized engineering or data science expertise, or in-depth coding knowledge.

Benefits of No-code AI

Typically, no-code AI is available via a platform that can be integrated into an organization’s existing technology stack and begin being used almost immediately. They’re designed to be user-friendly through features like custom dashboards and drag-and-drop interfaces that enable users to import data for model training, re-training or improvement. The data is automatically classified and normalized, and model selection and training is automated based on the provided data and the type of prediction that’s desired.

Some benefits of no-code AI include:

  • More affordable than customizable AI solutions as there’s less data scientists required to develop ML models.
  • Though it’s not a fully customizable solution, no-code AI is adaptable to suit various business needs

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