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CRM gamification

Let’s face it – Games are fun! Without games life would be dull and boring. Games motivates and encourages individuals to do their best. So it’s no surprise that around 70% of Global 2000 companies have adopted gamification elements in their workplaces to improve productivity of their workforces. In the dynamic business world, as competition gets tougher companies are ready to adopt out of the box solutions to stay ahead of competitors. And gamification is one such concept which has a huge potential to improve productivity rate and rate of returns of the organizations. Now gamification has become an integral part of many business processes – Sales, Marketing, Customer Services, Product Development, etc. This has opened many avenues and Dynamics 365 CRM gamification is one of them.

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See what Gamification has in store for you;

Dynamics 365 CRM gamification has quite a number of benefits. Listed below are the key benefit of gamifying Dynamics 365 CRM.

Make CRM daily routine work fun for users

All work no play makes work life boring. And when work life is boring then there is minimum productivity. But with engaging games and activities, daily routine work life can be made exciting and entertaining. A perfectly gamified CRM can be used to engage and motivate users to give their best every day. This would reduce the time spent on social media, internet-browsing and other distracting activities as daily work has become more engaging and fun with gamification.

Rapid Development of Skillsets

According to a survey, 72% of employees said that gamification motivates them to work harder. Games encourages people to achieve over and beyond their individual capacity. The awards and recognition on achieving the target propels CRM users to do their best. It also helps them to think out of the box and rapidly develop their individual skills.

Encourage Team Building

Team games encourage bonding between team members. For organizations to function smoothly there should be a good rapport between the team members. The team games will encourage individuals to share their best practices with each other to achieve common target. This inevitably leads to higher productivity. In a recent survey, it is claimed that gamification can increase company productivity by up to 50% and employee engagement by 60%.

Games have always been a part and parcel of human life. It is through games that humans develop important life skills. The right game inspires and motivates people to achieve more. So, incorporating games in work life in nothing new – it’s just we have changed the arena and the goals.

So be a part of the game! Join us on the journey to create a new gamification experience that magnifies team performance and instills a winning culture in your organization. Get on board by enrolling for the insider program and let’s together make Gamifics365 better!