SaaS Development: How to Build Your SaaS Platform

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Once you’ve come up with the idea for your SaaS platform, SaaS development will be your next step. 

Your SaaS platform could be B2B—helping organizations with their internal processes. Or, it could be B2C—assisting artisanal hat-knitters in establishing their online presence with a website-building tool. For example, check out some of our case studies on our Saas projects: healthpod and Distro Pro.

But whatever the case may be, your SaaS platform will need to go through development: the process of validating, designing, and building your platform and tailoring it to your end-user.

So, where do you even start with SaaS development? Well, as experienced SaaS developers, we’re here to answer that right here and right now. 

Let’s get into it.

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What is a SaaS Platform?

Let’s start with the basics: SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. A SaaS platform or application is a way for companies to provide services through the Internet. And a SaaS application allows these companies to offer products without their users needing to download software locally on their hardware (for instance, their computers.)

SaaS Development: How to Build a SaaS App

As we mentioned, SaaS development is the process of creating the SaaS platform. The SaaS development process encompasses everything from honing on the buyer personas and deciding on the business model to the design and software development of the product. 

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