NetSuite and SourceDay Helped Winky Lux Scale Despite 2020 Disruptions

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There’s no denying that disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic drastically affected many manufacturers and suppliers. And while we hoped it was just a bump in the road, it seems that slowdowns and other supply factors are still an issue today. But we’ve learned some valuable lessons over the last two years, and many suppliers are positioned to thrive going forward. A case in point is Winky Lux. Read on to learn how NetSuite and SourceDay helped this supplier deal with the disruptions.

Meeting growing demand despite uncertain supply

In March of 2020, just as COVID was beginning to dominate the country, Winky Lux realized its long-planned goal of launching its product in mega-retailer Target stores.

Winky Lux retails personal care products. Founded in 2015, the company offers a range of innovative, high-quality beauty products. Obviously, a place on Target’s shelves was a great boon. But when Target outsold the anticipated demand, Winky Lux and its suppliers needed a way to deliver more.

Winky lux outgrew their production facilities three times in five years. They also outgrew their technology.

Before working with SourceDay, the Winky Lux team used email, text messaging, spreadsheets, and other basic forms of communication. But texts and memos would get lost, or someone would be left out of the loop. Important messages would fall through the cracks. They were often stressed and disorganized.

They also used QuickBooks and Fishbowl ERP, WeChat for communications, and Shopify for eCommerce. Having multiple systems was counterproductive as they tried to sync and reconcile all aspects of their business. They were often overpaying for air freight, missing order fulfillment dates, and spending too much money on the labor of keeping their systems up to date. There had to be a better way.

The challenge of scaling to meet demand

Every company dreams of meeting and surpassing its sales goals. But great success can also strain resources. Winky Lux had to find a way to scale its processes to fulfill its commitments and meet increased product demand. They needed a tech makeover. The answer was Netsuite and SourceDay.

Before and after Winky Lux’s tech makeover

Winky Lux replaced all its disparate, unsynchronized systems with Netsuite and SourceDay and, as a result, could double the size of its business despite unprecedented disruption.

Before the change to NetSuite and SourceDay, they had disparate systems requiring lots of updating and manual intervention. Now, PO processes are completed without manual assistance.

Before the change, suppliers received conflicting purchase orders via email. And air-freight and labor costs often exceeded estimates. After implementing NetSuite and SourceDay remotely with no negative impact on users or suppliers, records are accurate, and costs are controlled.

Winky Lux has exceeded their fulfillment expectations with Target and are experiencing steady growth.

SourceDay is user-friendly and designed to organize your processes for maximum efficiency and growth. It allows Winky Lux to interact effectively with its suppliers and customers. And it works seamlessly with NetSuite.

Rapid implementation with full functionality

Integrating SourceDay and  NetSuite allowed Winky Lux to improve speed, accuracy, and the supply chain predictability required to make sound business decisions, even as conditions continued to change. Now they can secure the materials they need – when they need them – to meet their fast-growing consumer demand. Changes are handled automatically, and there is no worry about missed supplier communication.

Supplier onboarding

Winky Lux implemented SourceDay built-for-NetSuite and immediately began to see positive results. SourceDay manages all of the fundamental elements of supply chain collaboration from quote to purchase order to shipment notification, while keeping NetSuite up to date in real-time. With all their business activity organized and cloud-based, the next step was to see how their suppliers would adapt to the new format. Even though many suppliers were used to the old method of communicating by email, there were no significant issues or adoption struggles.

SourceDay saves them time and money

Benefits from Winky Lux’s NetSuite and SourceDay implementation can be measured in both money and time. With delayed supplier deliveries, Winky Lux was stuck with the higher cost of expediting air freight rather than using their preferred method of shipping by boat. Dealing with repercussions from late shipments used to result in unsustainable labor costs, freight costs, and shipping time. Now, with an intelligent and organized system in place, Winky Lux can avoid unnecessary costs without inconveniencing suppliers or customers.

Winky Lux is thrilled with its new system. According to Nate Newman, COO and Co-founder of Winky Lux: “We’re in place for the next doubling of the company. We’re not going to have to worry about implementing any new systems. We’re going to be able to scale from where we are now.”

SourceDay is designed for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to collaborate with suppliers on orders while keeping the ERP updated with the most current information.

If you are searching for a solution to supply-chain and distribution issues, SourceDay can help.

Contact our expert team at SourceDay and let us show you how to set your business up for success despite disruptions.

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