ERP News Magazine February 2022 – Issue #24

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ERP News Magazine February 2022 – Issue #24 – Download Here (PDF)

Every business sets out to be successful. At the point we have reached today, it is necessary to evaluate more than one parameter to be successful. The software and software partner you choose are the two most important factors on the road to success. In order for a SME to be successful and grow its business, it needs to make the right choices. Considering the alternatives in today’s software market, what needs to be considered in the journey to success? That’s the question at the center of our 24th issue!

ERP News Magazine February 2022

You may believe that you are making the right choices, but without the right roadmap, the choices you make will not have a positive impact on your business. In order to ensure that your roadmap is complete and successful, in this issue, we addressed the question ‘What should SMEs consider when preparing a digital transformation roadmap?’ to the software industry’s thought leaders. We believe the answers will shed light on your journey!

Also, we would like to thank once again to Sage EVP Dan Miller, who appeared on the cover of this issue and answered our questions related to both Sage and digital transformation. Thanks to our interview with Prophix CTO Geoffrey Ng, you can find the answers to everything you wonder about CPM software.

Thank you once again to all our participants!

Hope to see you in the next issue…


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