Top 10 No-Code Platforms Based on Social Reviews

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No-code platforms are tools which help to build software applications without coding. It is a great option for developing software for non-technical businesses. It is a budget-friendly option and therefore, a good alternative to the traditional software development for businesses with budget constraints as well. No code platform is a great tool that helps businesses and non-programmers to deliver faster and build mobile and web applications on their own. The platform helps businesses to assemble and design applications using simple drag-and-drop tools. These platforms are effectively used by both non-developers as well as developers and have especially been gaining momentum among the non-developers due to their feasibility and simplified interface.

These no-code platforms simplify the process of application development to a great extent as these allow for less functionality. These platforms offer various tools to help users assemble their information in a customized manner without the usage of any code. Some of the main features of no-code platforms include drag-and-drop elements, integration with databases or APIs, the easy-to-use interface among others.

Let us take a look at the top 10 no-code platforms of 2022.

Airtable is a software platform that democratizes the process of building solutions that businesses need for innovation and development. It provides a flexible database to non-developers and developers and equips them to manage huge information with simple tools. 

Appy Pie has an easy-to-understand interface and allows users to convert their app ideas into reality. It provides a great and seamless content management system for mobile applications. The users do not need to use even a single line of code to create mobile applications. It also provides inbuild app analytics that can help the users to keep a track of various statistics and bring improvements in their applications.

Jotform Tables acts as an all-in-one online database that helps businesses improve their productivity. It allows users to keep their data and information in one secure, collaborative workspace. Jotform Tables help in keeping a track of your data. It provides the options of managing your data in calendars, reports and spreadsheets which can be shared with others for collaboration.

Quixy, a cloud-based business application platform, it helps businesses to empower themselves with no coding and helps them automate their processes and workflows. Quixy allows users to build applications with a quick and easy-to-use drag and drop tools. It also provides several options of pre-built solutions.

Appsheet is another no code platform which is used for building mobile and web applications. It also offers several templates to the users and helps them create apps with minimal coding and configuration. Anyone from a non-coding as well as coding background can create applications by just following a couple of simple steps.

Survey Sparrow, another great no coding platform, allows users to create personalised surveys with several interesting features.It helps users to create surveys that are highly engaging and easy to comprehend by the users. The platform comes with several interesting features to streamline the user experience.

Nintex process platform is a powerful platform that helps businesses in streamlining their core processes to ensure faster delivery and quicker turn-around time. It allows users to build applications in an efficient manner without extra hassles.

Caspio is one of the leading no-code platforms which is used for creating online database applications with no coding. It acts as a one-stop solution for transforming businesses with the use of an integrated cloud database, regulatory compliance, global infrastructure among other things.

ServiceNow is a great developmental tool that is capable of streamlining the process of application development to a great degree. The no-code tools available within App Engine help developers to create consumer-grade applications without the hassles of complex development cycles.

Landbot is a no-code application that helps users in creating a personalised experience with the help of some simple drag-and-drop tools. Landbot supports advanced data workflows and real-time integrations with all leading apps. It helps to build simple as well as advanced automation that can be used across different departments.

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