Life without SAP Change and Release Managers

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SAP Change Management

I have always felt how important change management could be when it comes to releases in an SAP environment. Managing changes across complex SAP Systems can be quite a challenge. Since the management of the change plays a crucial in determining its success. As manager of Change and Release, it is important the systems are stable throughout the release.

Life of a Change / Release Managers

A smooth release to the production isn’t just about technology, you will also have to consider user acceptance. To consider that, a change or release manager can play a key role by identifying the change and handling the SAP Change control. They are the gatekeepers of the SAP system and they keep the life of SAP End users from falling into chaos.

The Impact of transport requests getting released into the SAP are plenty. With proper change management in place, an enterprise can :

  1. Understand the impact on existing business process variants
  2. Implement new authorizations or roles that could change the organizational structure of the system
  3. Avoid nonalignment across Business Process owners and Key Stakeholders
  4. Educate about the impact of transports and the change they bring
  5. Assess the impact on integration services
  6. Track the key users and end-users who could be affected by the change
  7. Handle overall testing and release

Without Change Management Team, there won’t be anyone who could find answers to the above.

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