{How to send email based on Phone Call Subject and Outcome fields using email template Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Hub}

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Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone doing well.
Apologies for a big in blogging after long time.
Today we are going to see use caAse scenario.
Suppose i have a requirement where you want to send an email based on case table, phone call activity “subject and outcome” columns values.
Behind the scene an email template will be triggered based on the “Subject and Outcome” values.
Without further a do.. lets gets started.
Go to Phonecall and create an “Outcome” as optionset with values as ” No Contact Made” “Left Voicemail”. Place the field on the Quick Create form and publish the form and solution too.
Create a Workflow: on Phone call 
Condition: Subject: “STD Initial Call” or “More information required”
and Outcome: “Left Voicemail” or “No contact made”


send an email using “Email Template”
Template is on Case and 

Go to Active Cases and Click on “+” activities area and select the phonecall and fill in the “subject and Outcome ” fields and save the phonecall record.
You will see email will be triggerred:
I hope this helps.
Malla reddy(aka UK365GUY)