What Makes Acumatica “Technology for Everyone”?

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A modern, cloud ERP system should serve all its users, not just the “power users” and IT specialists who are confident in their coding skills. Acumatica, an agile ERP platform, is designed with users of every level of technological comfort in mind, allowing for novice and power users alike to get the most out of their time in the system.

Data Access and Insight

One of the key draws of an agile, modern ERP platform is the ability for users to see up to date data at any time, from anywhere. With easy-to-use dashboards, pivot tables, side panels and more, all featuring drill down ability, users no longer need IT experience to find and use the data they need. Generic inquiries are easier than ever as well, with a new tool for searching.

User Interface and Navigation

Acumatica is routinely ranked in the top category for usability. All workspaces and menu systems are customizable and configurable. Users are able to edit colors, themes, and mobile work spaces, as well as set up favorites all with little or no coding required.

Data Capture

Data capture is made easy through user-defined fields that populate specific information based on context- different attributes populate depending on what type of task a user is performing. Users can create new forms and screens with little to no coding,

Business Rules

Users can create and manage states through low and no coding options, as well as create approval rules for their businesses. How simple or complicated these rules are is entirely up to the user- allowing for customization to each businesses unique needs. Power FX scripting is available for power users, allowing for more in-depth coding when required.


Acumatica features no-code options for several integrations including data mapping and business event creation. With an open API and bi-directional sync engine users can embed different integration configurations, as well as web hook push notifications.


Just because there are low and no code options does not mean Acumatica lacks the tools needed for power users and developers, however. Acumatica features several different coding languages and options, ranging from basic functionality through easy-to-use tools like Excel all the way up to Visual Studio. Users can work in SDK or XRP framework.

By empowering users with tools needed to optimize and customize their experience regardless of their IT or coding ability, Acumatica remains the top choice for future facing companies in need of upgrading their ERP platform.

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