How To Go High-Tech With Workplace Safety In The New Normal

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Workplace safety is the top priority for business owners in the new normal. As you reopen and call employees back to work, you are responsible for protecting them from the virus. Moreover, you have to comply with the government guidelines to ensure safety. But safety in current times isn’t only about sanitization and social distancing in the office. You have to go the extra mile to combat the threat of the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, technology comes to the rescue of business owners as it eliminates the risk in more than one way. Making a few high-tech investments in your business premises can take you a long way. Here are some innovative solutions you can implement to ramp up workplace safety in the new normal.

Workplace safety

Smart buildings

Smart offices rely on automated processes to manage building operations like air conditioning and heating, ventilation, lighting, and security. The concept has been around for years, but it takes a new meaning in pandemic times. Consider automating the floor plans to ensure social distancing in your workplace. If people come together and break the rules of social distancing, the system sets off a warning alarm. Likewise, smart buildings can curb traffic in common areas corridors, lifts, washrooms, and dining areas. It is a good investment for any organization, no matter what the size and the number of employees.

Contactless offices

As the coronavirus spreads mostly by contact, hand hygiene becomes the mainstay of workplace safety in the new normal. You can encourage people to stay on top of hand hygiene with measures like providing hand sanitizers at workstations. But it is not enough to keep your employees safe. Consider going contactless with sensor-operated automatic doors and soap dispensers. You can also set up touchless dispensers for industrial paper towels to go one step ahead with hand hygiene. Opt for contactless technology for frequently used surfaces such as light switches, lift buttons, meeting room booking screens, and restroom taps. The more contactless your office is, the safer it becomes for your employees.

Workplace apps

Providing a safe working environment for your employees also requires you to embrace digital solutions for daily tasks. For example, you can provide them with an attendance app to mark their presence without swiping their ID card or entering it manually in a register. Smart scheduling tools can help HR managers to limit the number of people in shifts. You can go high-tech with a mapping app that enables employees to see the traffic in the entire office and refrain from using communal facilities when they aren’t safe. Likewise, a food-ordering app can let employees order meals without visiting the dining area or paying in cash.

Technology can take business owners a long way with workplace safety. The best thing about these apps and solutions is that they can make safety flawless. You never have to worry about breaches and mistakes because the possibility of human error does not exist. Embrace these measures to build a safe workplace in the new normal.

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