Location Auditing for your Field Service Reps and much more within Dynamics 365 CRM with Maplytics Jan 2022 Release!

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Maplytics – the best Geo-Mapping app for Dynamics 365 CRM, has always assisted organization worldwide to reach their business objectives. It’s a new year so there has to be something special, Maplytics team is glad to announce a new ‘Jan 2022’ release to provide the best mapping experience to our customers. The features of this release will be useful to monitor Field Reps, besides helping them to effortlessly execute business activities right from the map. These powerful features will further enhance the ability of the users to plot and analyze CRM records on a map.

Let’s explore how these features will benefit a business:

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking feature of Maplytics was restricted to Field Service only. With Jan 2022 release, this feature has been extended to all the modules of CRM. Now, sales managers can get live location of their Reps present on field. Moreover, this functionality allows the managers to view all the paths taken by the Reps in the past and thereafter make future plans based on those insights. This feature can be a great tool for business organizations to get a clear understanding of their sales processes.

Multi-search Layers in PCF

With this PCF feature, users can perform Maplytics actions directly on the CRM page itself. Maplytics’ January 2022 release allows users to simultaneously perform multiple searches in PCF using various search criteria like by location, by region, and by drawing and thereby view the required data on the map as layers. Further, the user can also perform proximity search (the most popular feature of Maplytics) multiple times in PCF on a single map to locate nearby records from different locations.

Multi-Address Plotting

Multi-Address Plotting allows users to get a holistic view of CRM records. CRM records having multiple addresses can be visualized on the map with this feature. Further, out of the different addresses of a CRM record, the users can also select the required address as their default address to plot the respective data on the map by default.

Route to a record

When out on the field, Reps face difficulty to find optimized route to reach a client’s location. They can overcome this difficulty with the new “Route to a record” feature of Maplytics which allows Sales Reps to directly plot route from their current location to a record’s location. Hence, Field Sales or Field Service reps can save time and money and make the most of their day with optimized routes.

View Image on Hover

Maplytics users can now view the image of a record on hover and in a tooltip card, thereby further elevating the data visualization experience. The image displayed on the tooltip card for the CRM record can also be zoomed in. This feature allows Dynamics 365 users to quickly identify their CRM records while navigating on the map using the picture displayed on the map.

Save template on Dashboard

In Maplytics, users can plot data on a map based on a particular search criterion and save it as a template. This Maplytics feature has proven to be quite useful for users who regularly need to check the results of the same search as it allows them to avoid performing the same search every time. With this release, users will be able to add templates in dashboards to visualize them at a glance. This feature will help users to easily review and enhance their to-do list from time to time.

All in all, the features of the January 2022 release will significantly empower Field Reps to meet their clients on the field on time, besides allowing managers to efficiently monitor their field activity within Dynamics 365 CRM.

These powerful features will take the analytical and planning power of organizations to the next level. If you are tempted and want to know more about how these features can help your business grow, download the new version from our website today. You can also contact us on crm@inogic.com for a 1:1 Live demo on how Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM can help you with your Location Intelligence needs.

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