Help Choosing Software for Restaurant Chain Regional Manager Team (5-8 employees)

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Hello and thank you in advance for any suggestions as this is kind of out of my element. I've only used CRM once in my past life as a beer sales rep and it was great for logging visits and tracking budgets.

I am currently on the hunt for a CRM or Field Management Software for a smaller restaurant chain with just under 100 locations that my team of 5-8 Regional Managers can use and execs can view. Right now we just move Outlook emails (used as site logs) to a separate software as a task and create tasks manually. Its really cumbersome and not easy to view past logs.

Things that I would like for this to be able do/track:

  • Log visit notes (ideally enter notes after each restaurant visit and be able to revisit notes in future)
  • Add/Modify Owners and managers contacts
  • Store specific information like hours, promotional details, menu pricing (diff prices in diff regions) that can be pulled up or accessed easily
  • Create tasks and have it alert both restaurant owner/managers and the regional manager when it is due or close to due
  • If possible have a flagging system if a specific item is discussed multiple times and not addressed
  • Insert key dates to remind owners/managers and regional managers of specific details like: insurance renewal, liquor license renewals, etc
  • We currently use Windows powered machines, Outlook, PowerBI, OneDrive and Teams, so something that plays nicely with those tools if needed
  • Easy to use/manage so my team actually uses it – mix of laptops and surfaces in the field
  • Anything else that may be relevant to oversee operations
  • Smaller operation so not super expensive

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if something even exists that can hit these needs. But I really appreciate any guidance or steering in the right direction from you more well versed folks.

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