Use Geocoding to Effortlessly Reach your Customers using Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM

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Inaccurate or improper delivery addresses is a common problem encountered by the ecommerce industry. Because of this reason, the industry faces a lot of hurdles while delivering products. Every day while distributing the parcel, the deliverymen find themselves in catch 22 situation to locate the exact location of some of the customers. This results in continual delivery attempts leading to an increase in operational costs. ‘Geocoding’ can be used to locate the exact address and efficiently route deliveries. Geocoding is nothing but the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) which can then be located on a map through a marker or pushpin.

As ecommerce businesses are finding ways to improve delivery and offer outstanding customer service; Maplytics, a preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, can help to geocode the addresses of the customers and visualize it on map. It can extract the geo-coordinates of the delivery address even if it is partial. Maplytics can also plot an optimized route within a few seconds with respect to time travelled and distance covered. Let’s see the steps how Maplytics can be useful in efficient delivery.

A user needs to create an account for a customer by navigating the following steps- ‘Sales> Accounts > New’.  Thereafter, the user needs to enter the ‘name’ and ‘address of the record’ and then click on ‘Save’.

To visualize the customer’s address on map, the user needs to click on the ribbon bar and then select the ‘Map’ option as shown in the image below.

Once a record is created, the geocoding process automatically runs on the record and obtains the geo-coordinates for its location. Then, the address of the customer can be visualized as a pushpin on a map.

Thereafter, the deliveryman sets the office location as the ‘current location’ from the ‘contextual menu’. To get an optimized route to reach the residence of the customer, he right clicks on the customer’s record and then selects ‘Add to Route’ option. Similarly, he adds his location to the route. Thereafter, an optimal route gets plotted on map as shown in the image below.

Moreover, the delivery guy can get turn-by-turn directions from Google Maps or Waze App to properly follow the optimized route to reach the delivery location in the quickest possible time.

Therefore, geocoding of customer’s addresses will help the ecommerce companies to deliver products without any hassle. Additionally, by optimizing routes in real-time, the fleet productivity can be improved by 15%. Business organizations can get locational insights of their data by using Maplytics to drive profitable long-term growth. Further, Maplytics provides flexibility to geo-code thousands of records at once by using the Batch processing tool.

Download Maplytics for a free trial of 15 days from our website or Microsoft AppSource. Start a free trial today and test Maplytics for your mapping requirements. Contact for a free demo.

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