The Versatility of Microsoft Dynamics 365: Five Real-World Success Stories

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From data flows and email flows to customer entitlements and multiple lookups, one company demonstrates the power and versatility contained in Dynamics 365.

One of the biggest attractions to today’s CRM solutions is their ability to connect data from across an organization. From purchasing history and customer needs to current pricing and payment information, this data and more is available to teams in a single location.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes this a step further and combines the benefits of a CRM solution with those of an ERP system, unifying tools and capabilities into individual applications that work seamlessly together.

With this unification comes incredible versatility. Businesses worldwide have utilized this platform to meet specific needs across a variety of industries. From an educational institution utilizing multiple lookups to delve deeper into data to an organization creating custom email templates to streamline communication, Dynamics 365 can be utilized in a variety of business settings.

Below are just five ways in which real businesses have implemented Dynamics 365 into their processes with the help of JourneyTEAM, a Microsoft Gold Partner. These true stories demonstrate the platform’s incredible flexibility and how easily it can be customized to any business environment.

Streamlining Data Migration with Power Automate

It’s no secret that data migration is an incredibly time-consuming and error-prone task. Usually, the time spent migrating data across platforms can be better spent on tasks that increase revenue or accelerate business growth.

One JourneyTEAM client was struggling with a particularly large data migration project. JourneyTEAM developer Nevin Anderson recalls spending a significant amount of time on repetitive steps. To reduce the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks, he utilized Dynamics 365 Dataflows.

To streamline the migration process, Nevin created a new Power Automate Dataflow and imported an Excel spreadsheet into the solution. This provided him with more flexibility around customization (mapping, column naming, headers, etc.). Additionally, by importing a live Excel spreadsheet into Power Automate, he no longer had to update data in Dataflows—the solution did so automatically, saving valuable time. 

With a faster migration process in place, Nevin and additional developers were able to focus more of their time analyzing, reporting, and acting on the imported data.

Using Custom Email Templates to Speed Up Customer Communication

One business team was spending too much time inputting information in Dynamics 365’s email templates. This particular team sent out thousands of automated emails each week as part of their efforts to increase sales. However, because this business has clients located throughout the world, each email had to be translated into hundreds of languages.

To streamline this process, JourneyTEAM developers created a custom Dynamics 365 email template. The template allowed users to specify which languages the email needed to be translated into and assign the task to specific translators. Translators could then open the email and translate it into the right languages. The new message was then sent back to the Dynamics 365 portal.

Not only did this process significantly reduce the amount of time spent entering information, but also allowed team members to spend more time communicating with clients and improving the customer experience.

Major University Dives Deeper into Data with Multiple Lookups

A large Idaho university wanted to delve deeper into their data in order to make smarter, data-informed decisions. While they were currently utilizing Dynamics 365’s lookups to find information, they wanted to take it a step further.

Essentially, the school wanted to build a “lookup within a lookup” tool that would go beyond the limitations of Dynamics’ out-of-the-box functionality.  A JourneyTEAM developer built this new feature utilizing Dynamics’ component control. Essentially, she was able to program the solution to display the specific universities and colleges associated with individual departments which saved university employees the time of searching for it themselves. 

With this “lookup within a lookup” feature, employees no longer had to spend an enormous amount of time digging through records or old data to find the information they needed.

Developers Build Custom Quote Product to Provide Client with More Customization 

Dynamics 365 features an editable Products grid where users can enter and edit specific product information on an Order, Opportunity, Invoice, or Quote form. However, one JourneyTEAM client found that the out-of-the-box functionality while robust wasn’t working for their specific needs. They wanted to extend the feature’s customization capabilities to allow for more seamless editing and customization.

To provide this customization, JourneyTEAM developers utilized React’s Fluent UI capabilities. Essentially, this allowed users to customize information within Dynamics’ forms such as:

  • Adjusting the GPM within different fields which are applied to all products.
  • Specifying the product grid and view within Power Apps.
  • Adding a similar product to a different group.
  • Integrating a new templatized product group.
  • Changing the multiplier of a group or group order and applying new settings to all products within a specific group.

With more customization, the business was able to create highly detailed forms from one platform at a much faster rate. This in turn allowed employees to focus on more important tasks.

Improving Customer Expectations with Custom Entitlements

Dynamics 365 features a number of customer service tools each designed to help businesses provide fast and accurate support to customers. One tool that is frequently used by organizations worldwide is customer service entitlements. These documents are agreements between the business and their customers as to how much and what type of support they’re entitled to.

For example, one JourneyTEAM client used this feature to clearly define the start and end dates, allocation type, restriction terms, and total terms of support for a client. With a well-defined agreement in place, their customer had a clear idea of the support they would receive and some of the demand on customer service reps were eased.

Get Started with Dynamics 365 with JourneyTEAM

The examples above are just a glimpse into the incredible versatility and flexibility of Dynamics 365. From using robust data insights to drive business action to consolidating business processes to reduce costs, Dynamics 365 has helped thousands of organizations worldwide experience success.

Regardless of how business teams want to use Dynamics 365, JourneyTEAM provides the exact level of support teams need for successful implementation or customization. Contact JourneyTEAM to learn more.

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