Resource Scheduling Optimization in Microsoft Dynamics 365

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The effective management of scheduling resources to perform a task remains a challenge for many organizations despite the increases in automation and productivity.  Resource Scheduling Optimization is an add-on capability for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service application that enables field service administrators and dispatchers to automatically schedule work orders and other schedulable records for the most appropriate resources. In order to add RSO to your Field Service environment, you must first purchase licenses based on the number of bookable resources you will be optimizing. Resources, in this context, means people, equipment, and facilities that need to be scheduled.

By combining the out-of-box scheduling features of Dynamics 365 for Field Service with the automation of RSO, resources can be automatically scheduled based on skills, travel time, and other important criteria. Together, they align and optimize your resources across all kinds of different important variables. Users can conduct simulation runs which allows schedulers to see what optimization results will look like for each run before committing resources, or to discard the results and re-run by adjusting some optimization parameters.

Some of the benefits of using Resource Scheduling Optimization include:

  • Automated scheduling: Fit in more appointments a day—to make the most of your employee workloads, mileage, and more—with optimized scheduling tools. This drives revenue and reduces overtime costs.
  • Technician efficiencies and reduced cost:  Match work orders and technician skills to optimize technician utilization.
  • Customer satisfaction: Retaining customers often depends on reliable delivery, tailored services, and appropriate responses to issues. Improve field service delivery by increasing response times and first time fix rates with intelligent scheduling in RSO.
  • Achieve scale: Enable your business to scale to new territories or service offerings by giving your dispatchers the proper tools to manage more resources.

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