CRM only to track contact history, host database of clients & store PDF contracts with them (B2B)

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Hello ! I tried deploying Hubspot for our company's need, it's not very effective so far.

What would be a good CRM for two main needs:

  • Have contacts lists and infos based on their type. I'd like to attach them to their field. For example, create a "Healthcare Profesionnals" list, but also a sub-list with "Nurses", "Doctors", "Labs".
  • Second, I just want our team to have info on them, what's been said, what e-mails, docs, bills, have been sent. Like a history and archive. (Hubspot's note taking, appointing calls, tasks, meetings, emails was awesome for this).

Anyone has something simple to advise me? Thank you!

All the best,


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