Key Factors that Contribute to Exceptional Leadership

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Have you ever pondered upon the thought: “What makes a great leader?” Some of us are naturally born leaders, while others might not do as great.

However, the good news is leadership skills can be trained, developed, and enhanced through mentoring, coaching and various training courses. Knowing the characteristics that make an exceptional leader might just be the very first step of your endeavour to becoming great at what you are doing.

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Key Factors that Contribute to Exceptional Leadership

Key factors of being a great leader

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing environment, having strong leaders with extensive leadership skills is crucial as they are role models for employees.

So what are the skills required to make a great leader? Here are TRG Talent’s top 3 skills that every leader needs to effectively manage their teams and drive the company to success.

Do you clearly communicate what you want?

Communication is one of the essential skills that both team members and leaders must have. Without proper communication, problems remain unsolved, thoughts and ideas become unattainable, and everything, generally speaking, just looks chaotic.

Having leaders with effective communication skills benefits not only the team but also the entire organisation. Transparency and collaboration can be enhanced, the workplace environment is healthier, calmer and more stable.

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If problems occur among employees, the leader should respond quickly and provide a satisfactory resolution. Effective communication enables the leader to convey their message, what they need or want, to the employees. In turn, the leader should also have an open mind to listen to the feedback from their members so that the company can be better as a whole.

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Do you know what motivates your staff?

Coming to work should not feel like torture to you or any of your employees. They should feel happy and motivated to work on projects that they were assigned.

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Having motivational skills can significantly enhance the relationship with your subordinates as well as customers, suppliers, and management levels.

Do you know what motivates your staff?

Good leadership also includes a step by step motivational strategy in which the leader:

  • Recognises the hard work that their employees have done 
  • Challenges the team and rewards them with what they deserve 
  • Provides feedback/ feedforward and warnings when needed 
  • Addresses problems and obstacles that hinder the team’s success
  • Clearly communicates expectations and desired outcomes

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Do you delegate or handle all the tasks yourself?

Why is delegation important? Part of being a great leader is being able to match the right task to the right person, thus, freeing up much of your time, allowing you to focus on more critical issues like business strategy, analysis, or planning. 

Delegating the right work to the right person can significantly increase productivity, stimulate innovative ideas and new perspectives, thus boost the employee’s morale and confidence.

Delegation can develop team spirit, harmonise the workplace environment and create a hierarchy of authority that is extremely helpful. If you are absent or occupied, your staff always knows whom they can turn to to get the answer needed. Thus, they can finish their jobs with maximum capabilities.

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Everyone wants to be led by a positive, respectable leader who has a clear sense of direction for the business. Do you consider yourself a great leader? Have you acquired all the necessary skills mentioned above and tried your best to maintain them daily?

Upgrading your leadership skills starts with changing your habits, which is a huge commitment and a long winding road.

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