Looking for a CRM solution for my wholesaling business

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For a simple TLDR of wholesaling, I get a house under contract and sell the contract to an investor for a fee.

Now, onto my issue. My marketing methods as of right now are signs throughout my city, and mainly cold calling. For cold calling I'm using (and having issues with) batchdialer.

I want to create a system that after a phone call, logs the results. So if no answer, it goes to a "no answer" folder. If it's a number that isn't in service, it goes to a "no service" folder. If I need to follow up in 3 months, etc etc.

The only way I can think of doing this is rather inefficient and I wonder if anyone could help me add on to it. I just have a notebook and I am writing down the numbers that didn't answer, weren't in service anymore, and etc. This is a very brute force way of doing things and I think it is time-consuming. Do you have any idea on how I could do this better?

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